The Kigali construction and urban planning One Stop Centre was created by a cabinet decision of 14th April 2010 and was assigned the following roles:

•    To ensure respect for safety standards in the construction sector
•    To develop and review key area detailed physical plans
•    To ensure quick service delivery mostly in building permit issuance
•    To monitor and advise Districts’ land bureau for efficient service delivery

The Kigali construction and urban planning One Stop Centre is also tasked with the role of implementing the Kigali Master Plan which is expected to assist the City in creating:

1)    A livable environment that supports sustainable growth of the city while embracing the three E’s Ecology, Equity and Economy.
2)    A livable community that supports a sense of belonging, cooperation and healing, and optimism;
3)    Guaranteed guidance and monitoring of the management and use of land.
4)    Ensured security of residents by setting development standards that must be abided by.
5)    A model of environmental protection and preservation that minimizes pollution and waste disposal;
6)    A foundation for economic vitality for all its citizens;

It take only 4 steps to acquire a construction permit

In order to enhance service delivery the City of Kigali has put in place an online platform for construction permit application. Applications for construction permit can be uploaded in The web-based system caters for the full construction permits process cycle: from submission to delivery. The system supports the entire process of client relations, assessment, and construction administration and other related permits (occupation, renovation, change of use, transformation and permit to construct a fence) issued by City of Kigali and District one stop Centers. The Kigali master plan can also be viewed online to easy accessibility.It can be visited on  

+250 789 448 873