Vision & Mission

The City of Kigali Vision

“Kigali Yacu – Our Kigali! The Centre of Urban Excellence in Africa”.

Mission of the City of Kigali

“To Build and Sustain a City of Character, Vibrant Economy and Diversity through Strong Partnership with Stakeholders to Provide Responsive, Rapid and Effective urban development."

Responsibilities of the City of Kigali :
The City of Kigali has the following responsibilities:

1° to ensure the implementation of national policies;

2° to monitor the implementation of national policies in Districts;

3° to prepare the development plan of the City of Kigali and ensure its implementation;

4° to prepare the master plan of the City of Kigali, specific master plans and to ensure their implementation,

5° to develop infrastructure and urbanization of the City of Kigali;

6° to promote social welfare and economic development activities;

7° to ensure the safety of people and goods in the City of Kigali;

8° to issue guidelines and to coordinate activities of Districts;

9° to monitor activities and functioning of Districts and other State organs operating at the level of the City of Kigali;

10°to ensure hygiene, sanitation and water treatment in the City of Kigali;

11°to develop and implement the plan of action for the transport of persons and goods in the City of Kigali; 12°to mobilise resources and put in place strategies for collection of taxes and fees in accordance with relevant laws;

13°to promote and follow up investment activities in the City of Kigali;

14°to provide services that are not rendered by other administrative entities of the City of Kigali;

15°to promote cooperation and partnership with other organs at national or international levels.

The Management organs of the City of Kigali are:

1.    The Council ,
2.    The Executive Committee,
3.    The City Management Office;
4.    The Security Committee.

The goal of the City of Kigali is to be:
City of diverse, vibrant, and inclusive economy
•  A City of sustainable infrastructure and resource management
•  A City of affordable homes and neighbourhoods

•  A City of enchanting nature and diversity
•  A City of happy and healthy residents
•  A City of endearing character and local identity

The City of Kigali is open and supports working with all spheres of our population. We value the contribution and role of the private sector in development. We fully cooperate with the civil society and consider its role as paramount in transforming our society.