The City of Kigali council approved the budget for the 2020-2021 fiscal year

The City of Kigali council has approved the 2020/21 Budget, worth Rwf100.1 billion, of which 51.1 per cent will go toward development budget and 48.9...

The Mayor meets youth volunteers

The City of Kigali Mayor RUBINGISA Pudence meets Youth volunteers representatives who are helping citizens in public areas in the implementation of...

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Kigali ushering in the new year 2020-Photos

As the other parts of the World, the City of Kigali ushers in the new year of 2020 with spectacular display of fireworks in different areas.


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Ubutumwa bujyanye no kwimura abaturage mu bishanga

Ubutumwa bujyanye no kwimura abaturage mu bishanga

· Muri 2017 Umujyi wa Kigali watangiye gahunda yihariye yo kwimura ibikorwa bitemewe cyangwa se...

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The City of Kigali kicks off the 5th mass campaign on NCDs prevention

On December11, 2019, the Vice Mayor of City of Kigali in Charge of Socio-Economic Affairs together with Dr Innocent Turate, Head of Department of...

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First Lady Attends Car Free Day in the awareness of NCDs and HIV AIDS

 Her Excellency, First lady Jeannette Kagame has joined Kigali residents and participants who attend The International Conference on AIDS and Sexually...

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