Social Affairs

The Social Development Unit of the City of Kigali has a responsibility to follow up and coordinate the implementation of social programs in urban Districts and to ensure their implementation plans are aligned with the National Policies;  to coordinate the implementation of policies, programs, plans and activities related to social protection, gender and family promotion, sports and culture promotion, youth empowerment and education; to coordinate programs and strategies of support and social assistance to vulnerable groups in the city: person with disability, street people (youth, children, venders…), prostitutes, elders, etc.; and to organize meetings with stakeholders in the implementation of social protection programs.

The Unit is working closely with the youth in encouraging them to form associations and cooperatives, and the youth associations, cooperatives and companies have equally supported the city in their initiative of cleaning and beautifying the city. Youth associations sign performance contracts with Kigali City aiming at cleaning streets and maintaining gardens in the city.

Gender and family promotion

Provide support to the National Women Council in achieving its goals; provide advisory services/ coaching to women empowerment activities, and coordinate all activities related to women empowerment and child rights promotion.

Urban sociologist attributions

As the urban sociology focuses on human interactions in the urban areas and seeks to study the structures, processes, changes and problems of an urban area, it aims at studding cities and their role in the development of society. Among others, the urban sociologist analyzes the sociological impact of the different social programs and project to be implemented in the City of Kigali and advises on adequate interventions to adopt with regard to social protection, rehabilitation, inclusion and social development of vulnerable groups.


The City of Kigali strives to promote the quality of education through regular inspection of schools, the organization of a yearly peer evaluation and awarding of best performers, and the organization of reading, writing and debate competitions for primary and secondary schools students where the best students are awarded with E-Books, certificates, and reading books. These students’ competitions serve as a motivation to stimulate the culture of reading among young students.  

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