Public Notice: The postponement of concerts and other public gatherings

Reference is made to the Public Notice from The Prime Minister Office, released on 6th March 2020, on the prevention and mitigation of Coronavirus (COVID-19) transmission, on the point where it is mentioned that ‘The Ministry of Health and other relevant institutions will continue to work on the adequate strategies in the prevention and fight against the epidemic’,

It is in that regards, that the City of Kigali is informing the general public that all concerts and other public gathering that bring together many people eg. entertainment concerts, exhibitions, festivals, open-days, marching events among others are postponed from 8th March until further notice.

All event authorizations issued by the City of Kigali prior to this notice are hereby repealed.

The City of Kigali reminds the owners of Hotels, Bars, Restaurants, Night Clubs, Churches, sport centres among others to strengthen measures for prevention of the spread of coronavirus by availing means for hand washing and hand sanitizers for those accessing their facilities.

We urge everyone to follow instructions and hygiene rules in order to prevent any case of Coronavirus in our country.