Economic Development

In economic development the City of Kigali has mainly the responsibility of investment promotion and enhancing economic growth and welfare of the population.The City of Kigali is charged with the task of enhancing doing business through the facilitation of investors and developing mechanisms to support the business community. The City of Kigali together with the Private Sector Federation have put in place Kigali Investors Forum. This forum is an avenue for dialogue between the City of Kigali and the business community.As a means of promoting investment and facilitating business, the City of Kigali has developed a clients’ charter which indicates the periods that services in land documentation and construction permit issuance. This has helped provide better and faster services to investors.

The City of Kigali is also charged with enhancing economic growth and improved population welfare. This is executed through the implementation of national economic development programmes like the; Integrated Development programme (IDP) and Economic Development and Poverty Reduction strategy (EDPRS).The City of Kigali also supports the population in the drive to improve the saving culture of the population.

The city leadership is overseeing the enhancement of the structure of saving schemes like SACCOs in all the sectors of the City of Kigali, Capital Market, and other financial institutions. The City of Kigali also introduced the Gira ubucuruzi initiative that provided financial facilities for small businesses.

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