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Kigali Cultural Centre


During the colonial and post - colonial period, the Rwandan culture has not been given its appropriate place in the society. Rwandan culture has been neglected and denied its role in building the Rwandan society based on values and humanity. The tragic events that struck Rwanda for more than three decades and whose coronation was the Genocide of the 1994 is the reflection of this policy that trampled down the cultural values that constituted the foundation of the cultural identity of the Rwandan people, and yet, those values had allowed inhabitants of this country to build a strong, united and auspicious nation that was, in the beginning of the colonial period, the object of jealousy from neighbors of Rwanda, and of admiration from number of foreign explorers who made watch of a certain objectivity.

Our cultural heritage is besieged by globalization and modern communication. The youth are being exposed to foreign and often pervasive elements from the media. As Kigali City is experience tremendous growth, this growth has also to be reflected in the creative industry. It is worth to note that a society is identified by what it stands for and nothing can express it better than culture. Therefore the idea of a Cultural Centre is aimed at not only reviving the Rwandan Culture but also giving it a place in today’s modern life. The Cultural Centre comes as a contribution to the general efforts aimed at the cultural rebirth of Rwanda, by the implementation of a strategy of conservation and dissemination of our national cultural heritage and it marriage with the modern world.

The project entails constructing a Cultural Centre:

- A big display hall equipped with modern facilities and capable of sheltering various cultural and artistic presentations, notably dance, music and theater presentations, conferences, seminars and other cultural meetings;

- A specialized library; and infrastructures permitting some educational and recreational activities.

This cultural Centre is planned to be constructed in Kimihurura sector, Gasabo District.


General objectives

Contributing to the cultural development of the country by setting up the infrastructures and the creation of attractions:

- Aiming at conservation and dissemination of the Rwandan cultural heritage and promotion of creative industry;

- Allowing all age groups to learn while entertaining themselves.

Specific objectives

2.1.1. To ensure the conservation of the living memory of the past by reconstituting history and life style of the Rwandan people through ages.

2.1.2.To promote Public education by creating Educational techniques essentially interactive and complementary to those of the classic school institutions that allow the Rwandan public and foreign to widen their horizons in all domains of the knowledge especially in the evolution of the Rwandan society.

2.1.3.Contributing to the awareness of the multiple challenges to which the Rwandan people must cope considering requirements of the modern world.

2.1.4.Contributing to the promotion of the cultural creation in putting at the disposal of researchers, artists and craftsmen infrastructures and suitable facilities to encourage the blossoming of the Rwandan creative industry.

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