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Social Welfare
Water and Sanitation Programmes in the City of Kigali

Managing wastes generated in Kigali City is a vexing and indeed a challenging phenomenon. Currently, the city dwellers amount to 870,127 people according to 2006 population projections. This figure excludes the floating or transient population which lives outside the city though spends the day in the city.

In this case, taking an average per capita demand of water as 90l/c/d; and also considering 70% of the this water to return as waste water; it is approximated that 55,000 m3 of liquid waste is generated per day; while the quantity of solid wastes generated being 500 tones of refuse in a day (taking a per capita generation of 0.6 kg/c/d). In the aftermath of 1994 genocide, the city has remarkably been one of the first growing of its contemporaries amidst so much challenging situations inherited from the previous governments and further worsened by the war and genocide.

Among the inherited problems was the absence of any environmental sanitation infrastructure or a policy that guided its provision. Currently there is no a single central facility that can treat sewage before discharging into the receiving environment. The case is the same when we turn to the solid waste management, in which case we need a sanitary landfill.

It is in this regard that the City Authority has devised the following interventions as being the most way out though costly, in the quest to provide a healthy environment required for development and recreation.

- The construction of a sewerage system and an off-site treatment plant. The initial studies to elaborate the designs have started with the sponsorship of African Development Bank (ADB), and will last ten (10) months, but the question remains funds for construction.

- The design and construction of a sanitary landfill which will be complemented by our efforts to recover the recoverable material from the waste streams. The system used currently is an open dump site.

- Establishment of a specialized department, under the direct supervision of the City Authority, with some minimum equipments and skilled personnel to be in charge of City waste management plans and programmes.

- Continuing, expanding, building-up and strengthening those services within our own capacities, required for sustained solid and liquid waste management system.

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