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Clarification on some media reports on Nyarugenge Market

In some media reports on the closure of Nyarugenge Market it has been reported that the proprietors of the said market wrote to the City of Kigali requesting for an occupation permit but never got a response.

However, this is different from what actually happened. Following the request in November 2011, a technical team from the City of Kigali and Nyarugenge district visited the building and found out that there are more safety requirements that needed to be put in place before being given an occupational permit. The proprietors were duly informed about what they needed to do for them to get an occupational permit.

On the other hand, they went ahead and opened the building to tenants and the public regardless of the fact that they hadn’t been granted necessary approval. In addition construction works were still going on in the building.

This is the reason why on 4th April 2012 the City of Kigali requested the proprietors to first put in place the necessary safety requirements as they had earlier been informed before they recommence operating in the building.

This decision was taken for the safety of the occupants of the building and thousands of shoppers that go to these premises daily. It is also very important that we adhere to the building codes as stipulated by the Rwanda Building Control and Regulations.

The City of Kigali through the Kigali Construction One Stop centre will continue facilitating all investors and ensure that they are accorded fast and efficient services.

We call upon public and investors in particular to always adhere to all laws and regulations. Non adherence leads to the construction of illigal structures which in turn leads to losses when the law catches up with the defaulters.

Rangira Bruno

City of Kigali

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